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The Digital Sector in Greater Lincolnshire is growing at a rapid rate year on year with several fast-growing tech businesses and digital agencies having established themselves across the county – a digital sector currently worth £992 million.

This growth is not just the result of an increase in computer programming, computer consultancy, data processing and telecommunications activities but an increase in the need for all businesses to be sustainable, innovate and become more technically advanced. Areas such as farming, manufacturing and tourism are all diversifying in order for their businesses to continue to grow.

Digital innovation and adoption are a crucial part of the success story of agrifood in the region. The distinctive areas of agritech expertise in the region (genomics, genetics, agronomy, and plant breeding; big data; robotics and automation; nutrition; and the circular economy) are all supported by the region’s capabilities in enabling technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics, and sensors. We are at the forefront of applying these to key agrifood sector challenges.

We have a real expertise in automation and digital supply chains. Lincoln Agri-Robotics is the world’s first agricultural robotics global centre of excellence, incorporating the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology and the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems. The University of Lincoln has the largest group of agrifood robotics experts in Europe. It is also developing expertise in digital food chain technologies, including running the national Internet of Food Things network which brings together UK wide expertise. Greater Lincolnshire’s growing food digitisation and automation focus is leading to a concentration of projects, start-ups, technology companies and advisory services which combined with a rapidly growing research and innovation intensive cluster has led to a Department for International Trade High Potential Opportunity (HPO) in Automation in Food Processing. 

In addition, the University's Lincolnshire Institute of Technology continues to grow - aiming to develop the talent and skills to drive exciting new age industries and play a role in enabling a dynamic, technology driven economy. 

Further support for the sector lies with Mosaic, Lincoln's Digital Hub, which was launched in November 2019, developed collaboratively by the digital community working together with Team Lincolnshire ambassadors - the Lincolnshire Coop and Lincolnshire County Council. The digital hub aims to bring different digital and tech businesses together under one roof and encourage an environment of collaborations that fosters innovation and provides a platform for ideas to flourish and businesses to grow. Mosaic represents the digital sector across Greater Lincolnshire and beyond as a centre of excellence showcasing businesses that are driving the industry forward.

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