What a Difference a Year Makes as Corrboard UK Celebrates Success

Starting a new chapter in 2022 with the appointment of a new Managing Director Rob Burgin, CorrBoard UK set a strategy to focus on quality, service and sustainability.

The strategy certainly seems to have paid off, as this Team Lincolnshire ambassador has thrived throughout the year, taking home three wins across the National Sustainability Awards and the Paper Industry Gold Awards.

The culture at the company was also to become a priority; nurturing hard work, rewarding achievements, and working towards a collective ambition to become the leading independent sheet feeding specialist in the UK.

Rob burgin managing director of corrboard uk

Looking back to the company’s rebrand in March, Rob explains what impact the changes have had: “CorrBoard UK is a great business with big ambition.

"When I joined, I could see that we needed to start a new chapter and to give everyone the opportunity to join us, collectively, on this journey.

“We managed the rebrand of the business, changing the perception of the brand both internally and externally, provided workwear for all colleagues to instill a sense of pride in the team, issued a pay rise above and beyond becoming a living wage employer, and provided a benefits package to include access to private healthcare.

The same attention was given to our customers, as we looked at ways in which we could improve our service and build on the relationships we had in place.

"I’m pleased to say, that although difficult at times, our collective hard work is paying off.”

In addition to the efforts made to unite the company, CorrBoard UK also made it a priority to share its story with others.

Entering national and regional awards to focus on the company’s sustainability efforts, in particular the intrinsic partnership with CorrBoard Bioenergy, a £7m anaerobic digestion facility adjacent to the factory, the business is now a multi-award-winning organisation.

Rob continues: “Sustainability is one of three priorities for us.

"As well as gaining the acknowledgement and recognition that the team deserves, we also want to send out a clear message that manufacturing practices can change to reduce our collective impact on the environment.

"The reality is that it’s far too easy to use the pressures that we all face as an excuse.

"We want to share our experiences, our learnings, and our successes so that others can follow.

That’s one of the reasons that we have joined Team Lincolnshire and also Humber Marine and Renewables.


Extending our network and being proactive is the only way that we are going to have the opportunity to explain the investment, time and commitment it’s taken to put in place a truly sustainable manufacturing process that will deliver a circular economy.

“What’s more, it also provides us with a platform to share the excitement and success we have experienced as a result.”

Not only has the team appointed a new Managing Director,  but it's also celebrating three recent award wins!

It won the Sustainable Innovation category at the Paper Industry Gold Awards, as well as taking home double at the National Sustainability Awards, winning both the Renewable Energy Generation and Facilities Management categories.

Lincolnshirelive awards rs

Commenting on the win, Rob Burgin said:

What a night! We simply could not believe it when we were announced as winners of the first award, it was a wonderful feeling.

“Then, to be called up a second time to be told we were also successful in the Facilities Management category as well really was the icing on the cake!

“We completely changed our approach at the start of the year with a new strategic direction for the business.

"Through our intrinsic partnership with CorrBoard BioEnergy, we started to look at what more we could do. It has been a real journey for us all and celebrating this success together makes it all worthwhile.”

National sustainability awards

Sustainability is at the heart of the business and its focus moving forward will be on constant improvement, with investment and training in eliminating waste and pollution to create the most environmentally efficient manufacturing process in pursuit of a true circular economy.

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