Cleaning Up: Micronclean Expands to Bangalore

Operating from three production sites in Lincolnshire, Micronclean is the largest privately owned laundry in the UK, employing over 400 staff across the country. The family-run business and Team Lincolnshire ambassador is celebrating sweet success by bucking the Covid trend and expanding its services to Bangalore, India. Take a look at the team’s success story here: 

Micronclean is a Lincolnshire business that can trace its roots back to the 1870s. Originally operating as Fenland Laundries, a steam laundry providing domestic laundry in the days before washing machines, the business has undergone a number of transformations as it worked to supply new markets using new technologies. 

Today it is the largest privately-owned laundry in the UK, with sites in Skegness, Louth and Grantham, processing over 250,000 garments a week. The company supplies PPE and workwear to niche sectors including pharmaceutical manufacturers, NHS pharmacies, car plants, industrial customers and the food industry to name a few.  

Both nationally and internationally, Micronclean’s pharmaceutical customers include facilities where eight different Covid-19 vaccines are manufactured. As a result of the business’ continued success, the team has invested in increased capacity for cleanroom laundry and consumables manufacturing and has developed a range of cleanroom consumables products which are now exported to over 30 countries.  

The latest business development is a cleanroom laundry in Bangalore, which will help supply the region’s growing pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The India plant began commercial operation in July 2021 and provides the same cleanroom laundry service that Micronclean offers in the UK; in fact, three Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers are supplied from this very plant. 

The team has clearly bucked the trend and thrived throughout the pandemic continuing business as usual during unprecedented times to support UK customers including over 100 hospitals.  

As an employer with a requirement for STEM expertise, and to address current labour challenges, Micronclean has also introduced various skills initiatives including summer placements schemes to raise the company’s profile to sixth form and undergraduate students.  

Robert Parker, Managing Director, said:

"The attitude and commitment of our staff and the guidance provided by our Covid taskforce means the business is stronger now than at the start of the pandemic.” 

Take a look at Micronclean’s video here to find out more about what they do!   

If you’d like to find out more about Micronclean, visit the website here. Discover how to become a Team Lincolnshire ambassador here.  

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