LIVES: The Team Lincolnshire Ambassadors Making a Difference

Lives in action

LIVES is a Lincolnshire-based charity which embeds emergency response skills right across the region, making a lifesaving difference to patients each day. 

The team is nationally recognised for its emergency response work, as they use a unique approach to treating patients in a pre-hospital environment. If you make an urgent 999 call for help, LIVES is often first on scene. If you attend large public events in Lincolnshire such as county shows, Christmas markets or music events, you will likely be able to spot the team in attendance and on hand to deal with any medical emergencies. Responding to thousands of calls every year, from cardiac arrests to road traffic collisions, LIVES provides services that can be the difference between life and death.  

The future is looking bright for LIVES, as the demand for first aid and health skills has grown, both in emergency response and in providing pre-hospital education. Its external training provision in delivering emergency first aid skills to businesses across the country has a real reputation for providing real life, immersive scenarios to prepare students for the reality of medical emergencies. 

Nikki Cooke, CEO of LIVES, has been part of the team for over five years and has seen the charity grow, thrive and develop significantly during that time. Nikki’s drive has been to ensure that Lincolnshire is the safest place to have a medical emergency.  

Nikki said: “I am delighted to have joined Team Lincolnshire and be part of network of such strong Lincolnshire-based organisations. LIVES celebrated its 50th year in 2020, and we are proud to deliver the same passion for saving lives across our vast county today as we did 50 years ago.  

“We recently introduced a Falls Response Team and a Community Emergency Medicine Team, in additional to our voluntary emergency response, and together these vital services provide in-community assistance seven days a week, 365 days a year.” 

Nikki is delighted to be speaking at Team Lincolnshire’s networking event in partnership with the University of Lincoln to showcase the development of Lincoln Medical School on 27th April, sharing the ongoing partnership between the University's Productivity Programme and the Medical School.  

To learn more about LIVES and its range of services, click here.  

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