Team Lincolnshire Providing Integral Intelligence and Support During COVID-19 Crisis

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Business Lincolnshire and the Greater Lincolnshire LEP have been working together to support our business community, gather intelligence and feed information directly back into government during this time.

One of the main focuses of this work has been the formation of a Business Intelligent Unit which has been set up to provide the following:

  • Actively gathering intelligence so that we can provide Government with information about the needs of our business community with a united voice.
  • Convening local support organisations, business membership organisations and local authorities to facilitate sharing of information and co-ordination of activity on the economy.
  • Collating information on the business effects of the outbreak through Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub advisers, local partners and others to provide government with evidence on which to base solutions.

Team Lincolnshire members

Our Team Lincolnshire members have been integral to providing this information and have been keeping us up to date with valuable intelligence. The construction sector is one area that our members have been especially helpful with.

Willmott Dixon amongst others have provided regular updates and insights into the challenges this sector is facing; working with the public sector in providing this valuable information so we can form the basis of a recovery/support plan to move forward during this difficult time.

“We have been happy  to support the LEP and partners by sharing the issues construction firms are currently facing. It is imperative that Government understand the challenges we are facing on the ground, so we can navigate our way through the situation; keeping the sector moving, whilst protecting our people at the same time. This is why we are delighted that the Business Intelligent Unit has been formed.”

Nick Heath, Operations Director, Willmott Dixon

Many of our Team Lincolnshire members support our major construction projects in some shape or form, so being able to reach out to our community at this time has been essential. 

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