Mapping the Road to Securing Investment for the Region

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Team Lincolnshire has been pivotal in supporting Lincolnshire County Council with intelligence and data gathering – mapping the road to securing investment for the region. Lincolnshire County Council engaged with many of our members who provided invaluable support and insight.

Gleeds, Roythornes, Pygott & Crone, Longhurst, Delta Simons, Banks Long & Co, Stirlin along with all the local authorities provided key data to assist in the market research angles – intelligence on average house prices, land values, build rates and costs, all of which are critical to driving forward investment and development in the region.


With investment focused around our major locations, market towns and strategic locations it's collaboration between partners and the public sector which includes our members’ views and their contributions that continue to be central to driving investment and development forward.


By having this in-depth intelligence underpinning the County's ambitions for future developments, it assists in the targeting of key developers and investors that we want to attract into Lincolnshire.  Being able to provide them with the core information that they require to make the decisions on investment is crucial and we now have this readily available.


We want to encourage the regional house builders to move further east, and we want bigger master developers and builders to move into the county. Overall, we want to help the construction sector to build more commercial and residential property faster. Our members continue to help us achieve our targets and ambitions.


By utilising the expertise and intelligence from our members we have been able to form a clear and concise way forward to help shape and support investment and development across the county for the future. The research also helps us address pertinent subjects such as climate change, transportation, energy and investment in flood protection.


Driving forward investment within Lincolnshire is vitally important and once again Team Lincolnshire has been at the heart of it!


As well as helping promote Lincolnshire, Team Lincolnshire members benefit from a great range of services and support.

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As well as helping promote Greater Lincolnshire, Team Lincolnshire members benefit from a great range of services and support.

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