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Smashing the RIBA 2030 Challenge!

The heart of our work is net zero, low carbon and energy efficiency. At Viridis, we know the importance of buildings and how every single detail in their construction or renovation has an impact on their users – and our environment. Our designs have met or exceeded the RIBA 2030 Challenge since 2014.

Working alongside architects and other build team partners, we implement net zero energy-saving elements, provide intelligent, innovative and, above all, sustainable building services to projects across a wide range of sectors; all to achieve maximum environmental gain at the lowest possible cost.

From designing in core sustainable principles at the earliest stages, through to delivering low-carbon, low-cost lighting, water and energy systems, Viridis brings vast expertise, joined-up thinking and a pragmatic approach to every project.

We want to ensure that Lincolnshire is at the forefront of Environmental Design and have joined Team Lincolnshire to help them with their efforts.

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